A Zany Walking Tour Adventure!

How to Redeem Your Voucher

  1. Click the [Redeem Voucher] button above
  2. Enter your voucher code
  3. Enter the ZeeTours email address of the account you would like to redeem the tour for
    • If you don’t have a ZeeTours account yet, enter the email that you will use to create your ZeeTours account
  4. Once you redeem the voucher, credit will be added to the account associated with the email entered
  5. Download the ZeeTours app on your phone
  6. Create a free ZeeTours account or login using Facebook
    • Remember to use the same email address used when redeeming the voucher code
  7. Select a tour from the Find Tours tab
  8. Tap on the button to [Use Credit to Redeem This Tour]
  9. Your tour should now appear in the My Tours tab
  10. Go to the starting location and begin the tour whenever you're ready!
    • We recommend that everyone on the team follows along on a single device

Thank You
For Using ZeeTours